Vision Impairment: A Concern for the Elderly

Vision Impairment: A Concern for the Elderly

You may notice your elderly loved one squinting their eyes while trying to read or focus something in the distance. You may even hear them complaining about how their vision gets blurry.

Vision impairment is common among elderly adults. Several factors, such as diabetes, multiple prescriptions, age-related macular degeneration, cataract, and others, may affect their vision.

Elderly adults who put too much effort into focusing on anything that isn’t visually clear to them can result in them having eyestrain. It can even result in a headache. Accidents can also happen to them if they can’t see clearly.

It’s essential that you, a family member, or someone from home health care in Corona, California accompany your elderly loved one to an eye doctor so that they can get their eyes checked. That way, an eye doctor will also be able to recommend optical devices that can help with their vision.

A caregiver for senior care not only caters to your elderly loved one’s practical and personal needs in the comforts of their home, but they also provide escort services for appointments, errands, and social activities outside their home.

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