Home Care Services for Personal Hygiene

Home Care Services for Personal Hygiene

As a provider of home health care in Corona, California, we believe that senior adults need to observe regular routines for personal hygiene to maintain good health. Such includes taking a bath daily, performing oral care, dressing up in clean clothes, and good grooming.

Regular baths for senior adults are essential to cleanse their body from germs and bacteria. Baths also play a role in maintaining their self-confidence and dignity.

Since oral health affects their overall health, it’s necessary that senior adults stay on top of brushing their teeth, flossing, and using mouthwash regularly to avoid tooth decay and gum infection. They also need to visit their dentist for routine checkups.

Because of their age, senior adults no longer produce sufficient oil to moisturize their skin. It’s essential that they perform skincare routines like applying lotion or moisturizer to keep their skin hydrated and prevent skin disease.

Senior adults need to change into clean clothes regularly. Since sweat attracts bacteria, it can result in body odor, making them feel grimy and self-conscious.

Lastly, senior adults need to have proper grooming to improve their mood. There are tons of ways to do so, such as shaving, combing hair, and even applying makeup.

Since some senior adults can no longer perform their personal hygiene tasks on their own, our home care services in California can cater to their needs. We provide caregivers who can assist with their routines at home to make sure that they stay clean and comfortable.

If you need our services for senior care, you’re welcome to call us today.

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