Fall Prevention: Learn Home Safety

Fall Prevention: Learn Home Safety

There are many cases where senior adults experience a horrible fall at home that results in injuries. These incidents usually happen in the bathroom and stairs as per the observation of the care professionals in our home health care in Corona, California.

Here are a couple of senior care tips to prevent accidents at home:

  1. A bathroom, especially in a senior adult’s home, should have grab bars to avoid accidents

    Since it would tend to become slippery, they should be able to have something to clutch on for their safety. It would be best if you install grab bars in your senior loved one’s bathroom if they don’t have them yet.

  2. If your senior loved one’s home has stairs, you should make sure to install sufficient lighting
    If their stair handles are wooden, you should also check if they are still sturdy. If they would like to keep a rug at the bottom of the stairs, make sure it’s a non-slip material.

Our home care services in California can cater to families who want to have a dedicated professional ensure their senior loved one’s comfort and safety. They can aid a senior adult in their baths and toilet. They can also assist if and when they need to use the stairs.

If you have inquiries about our care services, please contact Longevity and Dignity Homecare today!

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