Essential Vitamins that Every Senior Needs

Essential Vitamins that Every Senior Needs

When we reach a certain age, our body’s nutritional needs can change drastically. Some of us can even become less efficient at absorbing some vitamins, minerals, and nutrients from the food we eat. Because of physiological changes associated with aging, there are certain vitamins that will become more important as we grow older.

To stay healthy, it’s incredibly important for seniors to get the right nutrition, perhaps even provided by home care services in California. The biggest factor is having a healthy and balanced diet that provides the right amount of energy, as well as the right balance of protein, fats, vitamins, minerals, and other compounds that your body needs.

In addition to eating right, it may also be a good idea for providers of senior care to include additional vitamin supplements to their loved one’s meals. Here are a few of the most important vitamins for seniors:

  • Vitamin B12.
    Cobolomon, better known as “vitamin B12,” is a vitamin that plays important roles in body chemistry — specifically, in DNA synthesis inside of cells, and in your cells’ ability to metabolize fatty acids and amino acids.
  • Folate.
    Folate, known as vitamin B9, is an important compound for important body functions, like producing new cells, synthesizing DNA and RNA, and even preventing DNA changes that are associated with cancer.
  • Calcium.
    One of the best known health effects of long-term calcium deficiency is osteoporosis. As you get older, getting enough calcium becomes an essential need.

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